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One of the main services from our company is a dedicated recruitment service for any kind of business.


    Fully dedicated recruitment team, who conduct interviews through video calls and shortlist suitable candidates


    Call center sourcing candidates and conduct initial screening


    Marketing team responsible for ads on multiple platforms, including social media and radio


    Dedicated recruitment website where we post current open positions and gather new leads

Time Clock Machine Highlights

  • One of our main features on our Time Clock Machine is the “In Store Quick Hire”.

  • This feature allows Managers quickly add an employee to our System and significantly speed up the hiring process at no extra cost to the Client.

  • Face recognition feature for every clock-in and clock-out. In order to avoid wrongfully posted hours, employee substitution, etc.

  • Manager Access provides employee insights, quick invoice creation, scheduling, and more.

Introducing the All-New Employee Temp to Hire Process

We also developed an automated, speedy and simple paperwork collection process. Together our System can gather employee info and screen, allowing new candidates to start working immediately and in most cases without leaving the store.


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