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  • Monitor employee’s performance, attendance, level of responsibility and have more time to evaluate the new hires capabilities and skills for the assigned position
  • Increase focus on operation while we handle your payroll, employee taxes, liability insurance and workers' compensation
  • No employee commitment during the Temp to Hire period, allows to stop employment at any time by a store manager
  • Manager can approve or do other essential tasks like scheduling, control overtime or create invoices using our app


  • Eliminate the costs of advertising and screening candidates for open positions
  • As a tech solution company, we're striving to simplify and optimize processes, therefore we are integrated with ADP to process payroll.
  • Fully eliminate the hiring cost for candidates that do not meet requirements and only hire and Temp to Hire, who is suited for the role
  • Payroll tax management process is simple, submit the payroll and we'll handle the rest


  • Only hire employees that had been fully vetted and cleared, using a reputable background check system with 85% of results in less than 3 minutes
  • Fully automated paperwork gathering, verification and processing system
  • Reduce turnover rate in order to increase profits and productivity by optimizing costs and time spend training new employees
  • Never miss an opportunity to hire the best possible candidates for the job


  • Our Time Clock makes easy for employees to securely clock-in and out. Collected data digitally transfers to payroll, eliminating manual entry
  • Face recognition feature for every clock-in and clock-out, in order to avoid wrongfully posted hours, employee substitution etc
  • Schedule your team easily, meeting all your operational and compliance demands
  • Manage how, when and where your employees report the hours worked


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