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No. 123JOBS.COM services are free to all job seekers. We provide a business to business service and are compensated by our clients.

123JOBS.COM pays on a bi-weekly basis. You will receive your first paycheck two Thursday’s after, and every two weeks on Thursday thereafter. If you prefer and have a bank account, provide us the details to setup direct deposit in order for you to receive your pay earlier. As long as you work on an assignment at one of our client companies.

It depends. 123JOBS.COM offers several types of opportunities such as temporary, temp-to-hire and direct hire (meaning that you become a regular employee for a given company). For both temporary and temp-to-hire assignments, you are employed by 123JOBS.COM.

Becoming a full-time employee varies by office, client and your individual performance. Your 123JOBS.COM recruiter is your best resource, and will work with you to find the best fit for your individual situation.

The length of our assignments are based on the needs of our clients, and whether the position is temporary, temp-to-hire or a direct hire. During your interview, our recruiters will discuss which type of employment opportunity is the right fit for you.

No. 123JOBS.COM is giving you the pay rate agreed for a given position. We won’t take anything from that.

Yes. 123JOBS.COM recruiters will do everything they can to set you up for success. We understand that the best candidates are not always the best interviewees, and recognize the importance of being well prepared.

Call our recruiters. Our first interest is you to feel comfortable with the position that we find for you.

Yes, 123JOBS.COM provides a variety of ways you can work. Whether it’s a full-time or part-time job or temporary assignments to work when you want to, we can help you find the right job to fit your needs and schedule.

Yes, we will call you again. We understand that not every position offered to you is going to meet your needs. We will consult with you to set reasonable expectations about the kinds of jobs that are available, within the context of your location, goals and experience.

It’s always your choice whether or not to accept an assignment. Flexibility is an 123JOBS.COM advantage. Once you accept an assignment though, we depend on you to complete it.

A temporary job assignment allows you to earn a paycheck while you explore career fields and gain new skills. Contacts you make on a temporary assignment can lead to a full-time position, future work and positive references.

One-third of all 123JOBS.COM associates come from associate referrals. We have a long history of helping our associates’ friends and families find good jobs, and we appreciate their referrals.

Please notify your direct Supervisor immediately, especially if safety is a concern.

No, 123JOBS.COM keeps your information and your data as an asset to offer you new job opportunities to keep moving forward.

After you receive your first payment, you will be able to access to the ADP app, where you can download your paystubs and review all the payments received.

We aim to contact every single applicant within 24 hours after their application. If by any chance you weren’t contacted yet after those 24 hours, send us a message to 305 3360636.

We will contact you within 24 hours after your application. If by any chance you weren’t contacted after those 24 hours, send us a message to 305 3360636.


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